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First Letter to Tarrant Chen from Daddy

As the moment of your birth, you may not know how you possed yourself as a remarkable one, your big crying and your gaze making everyone thinking you are a oddly smart one right after you was born from your mother; you also have two red birth marks, one of them is a circled buddhi Swastika "卍" on your left front arm, very clear, this amazed me. Because this 卍 mark is not only a religious mark from buddhi or whatever, it is also a very important geometric figure as a universal principle sacredly carrying out the law of the universe. So I supposed you need to understand there are both important things in your life, your wellbeing on the material plane and your mission for wellbeing of broad sense self, on the spiritual plane. Normally, you should confront conflicts between two interests as you pursuing them in your lifetime. The reason is that the world nowadays was designed by replacing the truth with lies from every corners of the world. Therefore, you should always remember:
  1. When you see people who are rich and powerful, it doesn’t mean they are privileged as well. They do not have any rights upon you.
  2. Do not only believe what you see. It can be a delusion as well.
  3. Build up a strong value. This can help you face many challanges in your lifetime.
  4. Sacrificing your own wellbeing on the material plane can be fatal if you choose the wrong value on the spiritual plane. Otherwise, it will totally worth it.
  5. When you feel mature enough to carry out the mission on the spiritual plane, you may understand all the efforts I made for you and only for you.
  6. Love your mother. She is a wise woman and you should at least respect her words.
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Silver Empire Reloaded

Movie Empire of Silver VIP night in Shanghai…:)


I saw Christina Yao, the director lady and Tielin Zhang and Jerremy Hao (lei hao)…

(Hao,Lei on the left, Director Christina Yao in the middle, Tie lin Zhang next to the director and compere on the right)

The movie was gorgeous, but the stars were tired and director was excited…

Big investment from Taiwan famous sponsor Taiming Koo…

The movie will go to the States very soon

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2009 Year of 66 Revolution 66

"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it drop."

Che Guevara
 In Chinese traditions, 2009 is the year of OX which represents the good time of in favor all kinds of initiative plans and new projects… 2008 damaged old structures of global eco. In 2009 people’s money would not stay at home, would become regional exchaging currency, possiblely you can use it around every corner of Asia… In 2009 aliens would keep investing in dragon’s land, dragon’s land would prior other kingdoms around the world even the eagle’s land became the hot spot for new investment and activities… Revolution is in the air!!!
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"A woman has a mystical capacity to open up and reveal the hidden soul of a man. Through her spirit she can bring to the soul of a man a deeper dimension of suffering and joy that opens up the wellsprings of his inner being … . When such a Woman of Valour is not there, then the spirit of mysticism must work in her stead to achieve the same goal."
- Abraham Isaac Kook (1865 – 1935), Olat Reiyah 1.62

路过的好句 Words of Wisdom

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